13.5 How To Record a Phone Call on the Ringr App


A Giant  journey

by Tim Sinclair

After several years of playing with the idea in my head, RINGR was formally founded in July of 2014. I had spent 18 years working in radio and was increasingly frustrated that nearly every interview sounded like my guest was on the moon. After asking several interviewees to record answers to my questions into the Voice Memo app on their iPhones and then playing those high-quality files back on the air, the basic plan for RINGR started to take shape. The project finally became a reality when I was able to find a team of experts to do it and a team of investors to pay for it. Then, the rest of 2014 was spent designing and coding the platform, as well as drumming up a small group of beta testers.

RINGR CEO Tim Sinclair the company to a room of more than 1,200 investors, entrepreneurs, and startups at “demo day” in April.

In this video on how to record a phone call on the Ringr app we actually called the developer the first time we ever used it.
The ringr app that lets you connect with virtually anyone on the planet, record your conversation, and instantly download the recording for editing, playback, and sharing.And the best part? The sound quality is amazing! In fact, unless you share your secret, no one will know the two of you weren’t sitting right next to each other having a face-to-face chat.
RINGR lets you connect with virtually anyone on the planet, record your conversation, and instantly download it for editing, playback, and sharing.

Another giant part of our journey included acceptance into the OCEAN business accelerator in Cincinnati, Ohio. I do not have a business background, and the unbelievable team at OCEAN was instrumental in connecting RINGR to marketing, legal, and financial mentors who helped move the company forward in ways that I could never have done on my own. (OCEAN also held a “demo day” this past April in which 1,200 people attended in-person and more than 1,000 others watched online from around the world. You can see our presentation here which allowed us to connect (and re-connect) with a number of financial partners who took part in our most recent round of funding.)


RINGR CTO Dr. Kris West and lead developer Dr Dan Wright working on the product at the OCEAN offices in Cincinnati.
By early 2015, our team had the iOS app ready to go and it went live on the App Store on January 19th. Android followed several months later, hitting Google Play in May. Our team is currently working on v2 of the platform, and we expect it to release in September. Many new features will be forthcoming, including external microphone capability, conference calling, and a desktop app or plug-in which will run on both PC and Mac. While RINGR has been in free beta since January, we are also in the process of moving to our paid model. There will be a low-quality, limited version for free, but also a very robust, high-quality version for $19 per month. Interviews are unlimited and we will be offering a number of discounts between now and the end of the year.


The official RINGR setup at Podcast Movement ’15 in Ft. Worth, Texas. We met hundreds and hundreds of podcasters who are looking for better ways to record an interview.
RINGR now makes its home in the Enterprise Works incubator on the campus of the University of Illinois. Please feel free to download the
app through the App Store or Google Play and visit us online at

Listen now to the EATT Magazine interview with Tim Sinclair the CEO of Ringr on iTunes.

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