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The app is now ready to download, and the upcoming upgrade will include new lessons including English language for beginners.

Download the new English speaking app now before the 2017 language course begins. The English speaking course is currently under development.

After downloading the app please fill in the form here

I want to learn English 

We are building the English language course inside the English language app with classes to suit your needs, therefore is important to give us as much information in the form above.

Please ask any friends or family members to fill in this form also who want to learn  English as the more information we have, the more we can develop the classes for your English language level.

English language lessons will be built around skills and activity based experience outcomes and lesson takeaways.

Please download the app now to listen to the popular podcasts in English and to make yourself aware of how the podcast series work so you can begin to listen to more English spoken content and identify with different words in English you may not yet know.

As the project begins inside the English language app we will update you on how the new app language lessons work.

Listening to English inside the app will help you improve your speaking over time as you begin to understand more not only of what is being said but also the rhythm of the language and familiar sounds, expressions, and intonations.

Once the English language course begins, it is important to start as soon as you can listening to more and more English language content.

While there are many English speaking apps for mobile the simplicity of our model where you only push play for each class you are learning along with the notes for each lesson with help you to slowly move through the levels step by step

As the classes develop we will teach you how to learn English within the app as we create more and more online courses
Based on your feedback and your ability to communicate in English using the very simple layout.

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