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Our first radio interview on KSKQ 89.5 FM sounds out across the United States, where KSKQ radio has a strong following.

KSKQ 89.5 FM mission produces community radio that empowers the Rogue Valley residents. Serving its sustainable and resilient communities through its exchange of ideas that celebrate cultural diversity.

EATT Magazine’s interview on KSKQ radio

can be found on EATT Magazine on KSKQ with Come Back To Me by Jeff Kloetzel

Cullen, the host of the EATT Magazine podcast also features on ABC radio in Australia. During the breakfast show, Cullen shared some of the stories he was gathering for his Gourmet travel Tasmania series. 

Starting with the lark whisky podcast 

Our first fundraising effort was also featured in the Businesses Daily and featured in Luxe Beat Magazine.

EATT Magazine in the media

An outline of EATT Magazine in the media features Cullen Pope, the editor, and host of the EATT Magazine podcast featured on ABC radio AustraliaKSKQ 89.5 FM Ashland, in the United States, Businesses Daily, Luxe Beat Magazine and in a recent reference in the City of Melbourne on new developments in the Melbourne Innovation Districts

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EATT Magazine in the media with the Australian business news company covering

Two Crowdfunders help people reverse their ‘Digital Dementia’

The story of how Cullen pope and Bill Aronson raised thousands of dollars for the launch of

The Lost Art of How to Find Things: Freedom from Forgetting

Bill pitched the project to Cullen while they were developing a training program together, and Cullen immediately realized the potential of what Bill and his team had been working on. Cullen says “this is a powerful and valuable toolkit, and is something that I, someone who is always busy, can see the need for.”

Supporters shared their enthusiasm as the project quickly took off

Bill, this project is amazing! Congratulations to both you and Katherine, the collaboration and wonderful results from the memory sessions are a credit to both of you. GR

Wishing you all the very best for this exciting project.

The podcast conversation began at 33,000 thousand feet with the book that changed my flight

In this story, we meet Bill very early on in his quest to increase his memory and then to go on and help thousands and thousands of other people to do just that.

EATT Magazine in the media with KSKQ 89.5 FM Ashland, United States

KSKQ 89.5 FM Ashland and 94.1 FM Medford Community Radio for the Rogue Valley.
KSKQ 89.5 FM Ashland and 94.1 FM Medford Community Radio for the Rogue Valley.

Art on the Airwaves

Cullen on KSKQ 89.5 FM Ashland, across the United States

EATT Magazine in the Media with Luxe Beat Magazine

Art on the Airwaves with Cammy Davis is produced in Ashland, Oregon. Cammy
focuses on art and the business of art and the show is geared for artists
and entrepreneurs. This show’s guests are Cullen Pope from EATT Magazine
and Radio calling live from Australia and musician Martin Ball. Art on the
Airwaves is syndicated via the Luxe Beat Radio Network.

Popular podcasts

Chris Hadfield the first Canadian Astronaut to walk in Space joins Pamela Bain on our podcast

Circuiting the world thousands of times and perceiving it from afar Chris takes, from his experience, a keen awareness of changing environments – some natural and some maybe not so natural. Speaking to our shared responsibility to care for our Earth Chris points out that we all have a part to play as we are all stewards of our home.

Pamela Bain shares more in My Personal Space reveling more details on a crush on space – outer space.

Cullen in the press with the City of Melbourne from Silicon Beach Radio

EATT Magazine is a key sponsor of Silicon Beach Radio now streaming live

Spreaker Silicon Beach Radio Live Streaming Show on Spreaker 

Silicon Beach radio now streams live on the last Thursday of every month in Melbourne, Australia6:30 pm AEST time.
Melbourne, Australia                                     at 6:30 pm AEST
Pacific Time, PT                                            at 1:30 am PDT
Mountain Time, MT                                       at 2:30 am MDT
Central Time, CT                                           at 3:30 am CDT
Eastern Time, ET                                          at 4:30 am EDT
Central European Summer Time, CEST       at 10:30 am CEST
Eastern European Summer Time, EEST       at 11:30 am EEST
Auckland, New Zealand                                 at 8:30 pm NZST
South Africa Standard Time, SAST               at 10:30 am SAST
Mumbai, India                                                at 2:00 pm IST
Beijing, China                                                at 4:30 pm CST
Corresponding UTC                                      at 08:30

Melbourne Innovation Districts

The City of Melbourne and the University of Melbourne with RMIT have partnered to create the Melbourne Innovation Districts (MID), a smart city initiative that is set to drive investment in the knowledge economy and help shape our city’s future. The image was taken in the Experimedia Room in the State Library of Victoria on a night as part of Melbourne Knowledge Week with Melbourne Silicon Beach bursting out of the startup bubble on the #mostliveablestartupcity campaign showcasing how the Silicon Beachers are innovating; this is yet another great example of collaboration from many sides.

This is one of the ways the city of Melbourne are continuing to lead the charge as a smart global city – intelligently preparing for the changing needs a mobile workforce in the community and rising the challenges of supporting a sustainable environment and economy. More information is available on the MID website.

Silicon Beach has recently launched a series of hashtags and a new platform is currently under development at a new platform where Athula Bogota, has also created #empowering_founders.

Silicon Beach is one of the largest and fastest growing startup communities in Australia is now reaching out to its international members via the new platform. Thier mission is to empower startups through education, industry access and uphold collective support from like-minded people.

They are a diverse bunch covering all ages, backgrounds and first point of call for many newcomers to Australia. Dubbed as one of the “Most Active Groups in Meetup” in the world, Silicon Beach connects you to one of the largest tech ecosystems in the world. Our community of almost 10,000 members consisting of startup and tech founders, freelancers, entrepreneurs, coders and professionals in the tech industry.

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