'A different cup' placeholder image

A different cup

Pablo was suddenly very tired. He was also feeling very thirsty. So he decided to go home and make... Click to read more
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Pablo in the park

Pablo sat down on the stool in the kitchen and closed his eyes to think back for a moment.... Click to read more
'Pablo and the black bird' placeholder image

Pablo and the black bird

Just as Pablo turned towards the kitchen window, he saw a bird.   A little Blackbird.   The little... Click to read more
'Sometimes new dreams wake up' placeholder image

Sometimes new dreams wake up

When Pablo woke up from his dream. He suddenly realized something. He had been writing his dreams down now... Click to read more
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The smell of rain. Pablo wondered what it was called. The smell of rain. It reminded him of his... Click to read more
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Pablo opened the door

Pablo opened the door, and standing in front of him was Sylvia.   Sylvia held a small handful of... Click to read more
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Knock, knock, knock. Went the door

Pablo looked up and looked around, catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror; ugh, he gasped  He was... Click to read more
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Kitchen hacks

Pablo had a busy day and realized he was getting hungry when he was thinking about his pizza.  Um,... Click to read more
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Any room for Mushrooms

Is there any room for mushrooms?  That night, Pablo had a funny dream.  He was sitting up on the... Click to read more
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Serendipity. Read the words while listening to the story of Pablo to improve your reading and listening in English... Click to read more