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Educational podcasts include;  


  • Improving your English with slow, short, simple bite-size listening and interactive exercises 
  • EATT Gourmet. From whiskey, rum and wine tours on far-flung islands to the Sydney Fish market, let us take you there
  • Travel. Remember that. Take a flight to improve your memory or  wander through the wonders of Tasmania in our travel series.
  • Art and Science. Meet and astronaut, learn about the Invisible, Art on the Airwaves, and the Science Communicator and Performer. 
  • Crowdfunding or Silicon Beach Radio for startups from our entrepreneurs collection

EATT MAGAZINE is available in over 155 countries, and our apps description now in more than seventeen languages. 

Our app has been downloaded over 154,000 times across the following markets

China, United States, Japan, Australia, France, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Brazil. United Kingdom, India. Italy, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, Malaysia

Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal, Singapore and many more

This expansion sparked our series of learning English with audiowhere you can get your next English class by email.

Classes are short, simple, easy, and basic for beginners with the current English listening exercises are for:

Our Travel podcast tips and ideas are perfect for those planning a trip down under. Tasmania, New Zealand, and Australia are our main destinations for unique insights. 

The travel podcast has been featured in the press and media in Luxe Beat Magazine, ABC radio, KSKQ radio, and the business daily, to name just a few. 

What is the vision behind EATT Magazine

EATT Magazine is about passionate, generous-spirited people, and the journeys they make in our world. We want to share the inspiration, motivation, and knowledge we encounter, and to encourage more people to be a force for positive change, wherever they are.

Our image of EATT Magazine

Is to share the generous contributions that ordinary people leading extraordinary lives make – in our cities on the land behind the lens. 

What is our Why?

Our mission is to support or readers and listeners, artists, and entrepreneurs to create pathways to reach their goals and aspirations.

What are our Values?

We believe we are a part of the environment and that education, community empowerment, and passionate people are vital to creating a more diverse, resilient,

artistic, and enterprising world. Our vision is to share the generous contributions that ordinary people leading extraordinary lives make
in cities, on the land and behind the lens.

What are our Goals?

To empower our listeners, readers, artists, entrepreneurs and generous supporters with resources to help them achieve their educational goals

We strive to bring together a global community of like-minded people with shared values.

Educate people by using the EATT Magazine website, podcasts, and online classes through our community networks.

Create a space where travelers, startups, designers, researchers, artists, and creatives can:

  • Connect
  • Learn 
  • Imagine

What a new future can look like moving forward by abandoning any new normal concept and embracing a new creative, forward-thinking future.

EATT Magazine started out as a crowdfunding and startup magazine for entrepreneurs and innovators. With our prime focus on the:

  • Environment 
  • Arts
  • Technology 
  • Travel

 Learn more about EATT Magazine and its evolution.

After we transitioned into an internationally recognized travel podcast with a focus on travel throughout Tasmania, New Zealand, and other areas throughout Australia. Cullen Pope, our founder, has embarked on deep dive to provide the most relevant and valuable content for our listeners, starting with a focusing on fine foods, wine, whiskey, and beer. 

How do we achieve this?

Support organizations in the startup and entrepreneurial arena, creating frameworks that challenge the current conditions in education and approaches to innovation.

Build strong relationships with value-driven organizations and philanthropic people and projects

Construct a skill base of mentors to support and grow our network of readers, contributors, artists, and entrepreneurs.

EATT Magazine is your stylish audio guide to the latest destinations now include New Zealand, Tasmania, and around Australia.

EATT is packed with top quality writers, speakers, makers, travellers and photographers from around the globe.

Need photography tips or feel like escaping to remote places or visiting a winemaker at work?

What you can learn from their experience’s include
  • Who has been an influence or mentor during their creative life
  • Why thinking outside the box can give you an edge
  • How their works have evolved
  • When does the inventive process mean “changing direction.”
  • What drives them to produce their work
  • Where they draw on inspiration during challenges and change

Our podcasts take us to places where we can learn

  • Places to visit and explore include our Antarctic story from the Tasmanian mawsons-huts-replica-museum/ a chilling tale indeed
  • Meet the whisky maker at the Lark distillery where you might be surprised by our most musical guests in the last episode out for a lark
  • Great advice for running your crowdfunding on Kickstarter or similar platforms with the vital time frames needed to make your campaign a success
  • Gain insights into what makes quick and easy video updates a crucial part of your startup message and how to use them to engage your team quickly, supporters, followers and investors

Meet the Editors

Editor-in-Chief of EATT Magazine: Cullen Pope

Obsessed with color and form, Cullen began his career in computer-aided design and marketing. A passionate cook, traveler and photographer, it seemed only natural to add overseas study (in both Japan and Scotland) and roles in the hotel and hospitality industry where he currently plays a supporting role.  

His early days as demi chef du rang inspired a positive and creative approach before he moved into garden design and became a passionate plants man, this led to delisious edible landscaping, with a focus on permaculture.

Garden design gave him new opportunities to showcase his love of nature plus the desire to tell the stories behind his creative work through photography.

EATT Magazine is an extension of Cullen’s creative journey

And his interest in finding new ways to share and inspire. Creating an audio magazine is a dream come true, and has encouraged him to collaborate with a wide range of exciting people. He hopes you will enjoy the next phase of his adventure, and find much to enjoy within its pages. When Cullen isn’t working on EATT, he can be seen writing in Melbourne cafés, gardening in country Victoria, or dreaming about his next photographic project. Contact Cullen at https://eattmag.com/

Associate Editor/Art Director of EATT Magazine: Yvette Crozier

Yvette’s career began with fashion, food and lifestyle retail roles, which fostered her interest in styling, visual merchandising and seasonal produce. A keen blogger, traveller, writer and hostess, she now works as a social media mentor, editor and online content creator. Her experience in the small business retail sector has led her to focus on training and providing customised online experiences. Yvette aims to optimise the use of social media, to grow the business and deepen relationships with clients. Current projects involve artists, alternative therapists, a gallery owner, a stylist, an online store and animal conservationists.

EATT Magazine is an exciting opportunity for Yvette. As an editor, art director and contributor, she hopes to inspire and engage you in picking up your iPad and exploring new places, ideas and recipes.

Yvette is an Online Content Creator, Social Media Enhancement, Small Business Retail Consultant.

When she is not working on EATT related projects, Yvette can be found exploring remote Australia, selling vintage wallpaper or mixing cocktails at her bamboo tiki bar.

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