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Gordon Laing : Journalist passionate photographer

Gordon has been a journalist for 20 years and a passionate photographer since childhood. His love of cameras, food and travel have taken him around the world, and to roles at many well-known photographic and technology magazines, supplements and websites. You may also recall his appearances on UK television and radio. Gordon’s fresh approach to product reviewing led him to found his own website in 2005. When Gordon isn’t writing his next eBook or challenging the latest camera gear, you’ll find
him shooting videos for his YouTube channel or talking photography on social media. His article on night photography contains easy to follow tips, and great product reviews.

Debra is a keen traveller, videographer and photographer. Based in Newcastle, NSW, she has worked from the north coast to the Northern Territory and beyond. Her unique and dynamic style ensures she is constantly on location, specializing in tourism related projects, corporate advertisements and product photography. Her work can be seen across a wide range of media, from television to You Tube. We are excited to feature her in our Premiere edition of EATT. Her passion for the environment, colour and travel never fails to excite.

Angelo Eliades : Permaculture gardener, trainer and writer

Angelo is a keen Permaculture gardener, trainer and writer – and a passionate food forest gardening advocate. He has a thriving demonstration Permaculture food forest garden in Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs which he regularly opens to the public. With over a decade of experience as an organic gardener, his specialty is designing and building food forests –sustainable intensive food production systems which utilize ecologically-based design principles for maximum productivity, minimum work and natural pest and weed control.

Aside from consulting, teaching, working in the retail nursery industry, and enjoying time in his own garden, he also supports community gardening projects as a technical advisor, and runs the educational sustainable gardening website Deep Green Permaculture His easy to follow tips show that Permaculture can be used anywhere, with great rewards. Find his article in our Premiere edition of EATT find out more at Deep Green Permaculture

Pamela Bain: In-House Artist for Swinburne University and the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing

Pamela has worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic artist, but after completing her Masters degree, she has returned to making art that excites and moves her. She enjoys working in her Collingwood studio experimenting with materials and exploring the digital potential of computer manipulation.Pamela’s Mapology St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne project seeks to inject a sense of life into the hospital layout and also to the Fitzroy precinct bordered by Victoria Parade and Brunswick, Nicholson and Gertrude Streets. This body of work has been under development since early 2012 and evolved from her time as Artist in Residence at the hospital. The geographical footprint is largely reinscribed with organic and biological imagery. Images of Pamela Bain’s works can be found at the Art gallery openings website and EATT magazine on Pinterest. More details of Pamela’s work can be found here and also here on EATT Art magazines from the city boundaries

Editor: EATT Magazine Cullen Pope

Cullen’s love of colour and form has led him to work in the areas of computer aided design, marketing, and the hotel and hospitality industry. His early days as demi chef du rang inspired a positive and creative approach, before he moved into garden design and became a passionate plants man. This led to edible landscaping, with a focus on permaculture. Garden design gave him new opportunities to showcase his love of nature plus the desire to tell the stories behind his creative work. EATT Magazine is an extension of Cullen’s passion for food, travel and photography, and his interest in finding new ways to share and inspire. Creating a magazine for the iPad is a dream come true, and has encouraged him to collaborate with a wide range of interesting people. He hopes you will enjoy the next phase of his adventure, and find much to enjoy within its pages. When Cullen isn’t working on EATT, he can be found writing in Melbourne cafes, gardening in country Victoria, or dreaming about his next photographic project. Contact
Cullen at

Yvette is the Associate Editor/Art Director of EATT Magazine find out more about Yvette 

Darran Leal: Professional photographer and guide

With over 400 successful photo tours/workshop and seminars worldwide and counting, Australian-born Darran’s lifetime loves are travel and outdoor photography. He combines these with vast experience in delivering global photo tours, workshops and seminars. Darran is one of the world’s few full-time professional photo guides. He leads photographers of all levels to many of the world’s most captivating locations. As a natural born photographer, educator and adventurer, Darran’s career inevitably led him to help others explore and capture their world. Now Darran spends his time up to his arm pits in crocodiles, cuddling gorillas or herding photographers.

Check out Darran’s work first-hand at:

Paul Ayling: Data management, business intelligence and analytics professional

Paul is from Cambridge in the UK, and has been living in Melbourne for ten years. Experienced in the sales and technology sectors, he is currently lead analyst programmer for a utility company.

Paul is also a singer /songwriter and proud owner of a farm in country Victoria. Paul’s interests include economics, history, critical thinking, digital marketing and agriculture – crucial for building personal resilience. He has extensive knowledge of digital currencies, and you can read his article on Bitcoin and CoinJar in our very first edition. In between farm work, corporate schedules and making music, you can find him at

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