You can now download the Free Podcast App from EATT Magazine. 

The new app is completely free and is available on the app store on both the Apple app store and now on Google play

The free podcast app features

Podcasts with Elliot from on successful crowdfunding

Bill Aronson on Digital dementia part 1 and 2 on Crowdfunding with #masteryourmemory

Sydney Armani Crowdfunding USA

a 3D Printing Podcast, RMIT

Best New Podcasts including crowdfunding stories

Equity crowdfunding with KoreConX in Canada and across the globe with Oscar Jofre 

Silicon beaches startups Ambassador Anthony

Podcasts trending now

Cammy Davis Come Back To Me

A Beer making podcast from 3 Ravens

a moment at the Makers Market with Ben and Dee

Sanjay joins us from Random drinks and we spend a day at the CONNECT Expo Helen from Busivid.

Up and Coming Podcasts with Martin Talvari on funding startups with Cullen Pope

Retail design with Andy

and Tim Sinclair the CEO of Ringr the new app

and an Interview with Phillip Ball

Athula Bogota from Silicon beach

plus podcasts from the unexpected

with Paul Ayling from Research rockets

a night Fundraising with Benjamin Whitaker the Managing Director of the4 Social Opportunity Group

Chris Krishna-Pillay from ThoughtLAB-14

International podcast day .com with Steve Lee #PodcastDay and

Cullen Pope and Martin Ball with the Artists & musicians including Cammy Davis

More Free Podcasts from our Rising Stars feature Field Notes Hong Kong with Nicole Reed Hand Leigh Ryan

DJ Main Event and Josh from AUUG at #SiliconBeachOz

An interview with networker and accountant Katie Demar

insights from the Carlton connect initiative with Dr Renee Beale

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