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The travel podcast with Cullen

Join Cullen as he starts up the EATT Magazine travel Podcast and begins an intriguing island journey…

Cullen travels light. His adventures begin in a cab to the airport, where he checks in with a single bag, podcasting gear and a thirst for fine whisky. On arrival, he finds himself immersed in a Festival of Voices. Thousands of singers, choristers and music lovers plan to make the whole island sing, filling the streets and concert halls with music, workshops and a grand winter bonfire. He finds out what makes people come from all over to the Singing City, and meets some of the people who make this magic happen.

Your host’s journey contines as he explores the local whisky meeting local makers, keen to explain the passion and distinctiveness behind each bottle. Cullen has many questions, and is very curious about how the unique climate and pristine waterways turn grain into liquid gold. Come with him as he tastes, talks and listens his way around some rather special distilleries, which are putting these islands firmly on the world whisky map. Savouring the bracing fresh air and lingering with a glass or two.

Things get interesting outside the Information Centre, but a passing band of wolves comes to his rescue. A few red wines later, Cullen boards a boat to his next island destination.

Travellers gather round to share their stories, and ancient tales of white animals loom in the mist. A great walrus rises from the ocean depths, and photographs are taken. The journey ends as it begins with an unusual twist yet to be revealed.

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EATT Magazine releases its first online course

Find out more about our first class in the link below

EATT Magazine’s first online course

Join Cullen Pope, the editor of EATT Magazine the online travel magazine. Find out why this creative, passionate photographer and podcaster wants to take you on a quick whirlwind tour on how easily you can record an interview, podcast, or a meeting for two so you to can capture your best ideas or that late night skillshare inspiration.

You’ll learn:

  • What readily available equipment is needed
  • Fast and easy ways to record a conversation
  • What app to use and how to upload recordings
  • How to download it or post it online as a podcast
  • Charge your smartphones — it’s time to start recording

Note: Now updated for both iOS and Android devices plus windows or other phone brand users without the app access can use the Studio for Desktop download to record or live stream, integrate easily with Skype, and manage your episodes and drafts from their desktops.

Requires Windows 7+ or OSX 10.8+.
Equipment needed
Rode Microphone Lav
SC6 Dual TRRS input
Smartphone headphones
Android App to Record
iOS App to Record iPhone or iPad
TRRS Extension Cable

Videos include

  • Eyes wide open for your class outline and into the app store
  • Finding the best recording app from this class
  • Getting your content or interviews out there
  • Keeping it simple
  • Talking Points & Key Concepts

Your class outline includes an introduction to the class videos plus a few ideas on why you should record your best ideas

  • The process of Pre-Production
  • What kind of phone you can record on
  • Which microphones to use and where to find them
  • The kind of attachments you need as a double adapter and why they are important
  • how to do a quick check of the sound quality
  • Why you might not go live if you’re starting out
  • How to put it all together
  • What your setup can look like
  • Downloading the App a simple how to looking inside the app on your smartphone
  • App options to get you ready

How to record
Step 1:Stop and pause
Step 2:Replay
Step 3:Reload

Uploading and downloading the Recording

  • Publishing on the App
  • How to find your recording
  • A quick preview on using the platform on your desktop

Get more details on

How to record Meetings, Interviews and Chat all on your Smartphone with a new App

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