Knock, knock, knock. Went the door

Pablo looked up and looked around, catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror; ugh, he gasped 

He was still in his pajamas 

The kitchen was a total mess; he quickly ran and closed the bathroom door, where a wet towel was hanging and his shaving gear
another disaster area, he thought to himself. 

Running to his bedroom, he jumped out of his pajamas and into some track pants.   

He grabbed a jumper, threw it over his pajama top, and quickly tucked it in 
He leaped over a pile of washing, grabbed some books off the floor, placed them on the table, and put the clothes into the washing basket.
He tripped over the cord powering his old laptop and fell onto the washing basket, tipping it over. 
Coming, he yelled once he got up and quickly made his way to the door
Knock, knock, knock
He undid the lock and opened the door, and to his surprise. 


Please test your English in our story questions below from Chapter 1 to 4

Part 1: Chapter 1

Part 2: Chapter 1

Part 3: Chapter 1

Part 4: Chapter 1 Pablo lay in bed he could not sleep 



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