Pablo of the forest

A long short Story, by C Prosper.

Sharron had not quite stopped, crying.

By the time she appeared in the bathroom doorway looking for Pablo she could gently hold back the last of the tears.

Pablo who was standing over the sink, looked up and smiled.

A long thick line of sweat had poured down Pablo’s back as it had been an unusually hot and humid night.

He was so pleased she had come over as he had not left the house now for well over a week.

He handed Sharron the box of tissues from the left-hand side of the sink.

She gently pulled three tissues from the box and blew her nose.

“Oh, Pablo!,” Sharron said.

“I must look such a mess to you,” as she leaned forward-looking into the bathroom mirror.

“No, no not at all,” Pablo said in perfect English.

Pablo is learning fast Sharron thought to herself as she sniffed away the last of her tears.

Pablo laughed and smiled.

“Ok, maybe you can teach me one of your hospital tricks”, Pablo said winking at Sharron.

Pablo then carefully tried to grab the soap using his left hand slowly like a robot as this arm was still in plaster from the accident.

“Never, no never in a million years”, Sharron said throwing her head back dramatically as if she held some secret she would never share.

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