Kitchen hacks

Pablo had a busy day and realized he was getting hungry when he was thinking about his pizza. 

Um, he thought, what can he make quickly and easily? 
Something crisp and crunchy 
with some flavor. 

He had some eggs in the fridge with a blue colored shell
they were a mix, the women had told him at the market
but he was in a rush and did not have time to ask what they were a mix of.

They always laughed and had a wry sense of humor.
But Pablo knew the shady ladies, as some people had called them, were always looking out for him and spoiled him in one way or another.

And he was sure it was just not because he sometimes took them some extra lemons to sell when he had been given too many.

Thinking of them, he opened the freezer and found a bag of hash browns. He took two out to defrost and then found the last remaining tomato in the fridge. 
“That must have cost a pretty penny.” he heard one of the ladies say, but it had also been given to him.
So, he just winked at her, and she laughed as he moved on through the market. 
Pablo knew many of the stallholders now in the market at the old meat factory.
It smelt like garlic, coriander, and flowers, he had thought to himself that day.

He heated some oil in the pan and gently placed the hash browns in it when the oil was just below smoking hot to get them nice and crisp.
After a few minutes on each side, he placed them on the little hot plate to go into the griller.
Then sliced the tomato into four thick slices and tossed them in the pan for 2 minutes, a minute on each side.
Then added a knob of butter, freshly ground black pepper across the top, and a generous sprinkle of sea salt. 

Grated some tasty cheese for melting and sliced some super thin slices of Parmesan the deli guy at the market had given him wrapped in wax paper, with a wink when his wife was not looking.
He heated the grill and placed a large spoon of pesto on top of the hash brown, spreading it slowly along the crunchy top.

Adding the slices of tomato on top, he could smell the greenery of the pesto, then added the thin Parmesan, followed by the grated cheese for melting on top of the stack.
Placing it under the grill for three minutes, he carefully watched as the hash brown crisped around the edges, the cheese melted, running down the sides, and the pesto bubbled away slowly. He felt a gurgle just looking at it. 
Sliding them onto the plate, grabbing his tea, and waiting a few seconds for them to cool down, he cut the first one in half and lifted it to his lips, about to take his first bite. 

….. then suddenly, there was a knock at the door

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