A different cup

Pablo was suddenly very tired. He was also feeling very thirsty.

So he decided to go home and make himself a nice cup of coffee. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day. And though he was feeling hungry, he decided first he needed to get himself a nice drink. Normally, he wouldn’t drink coffee after about 2:00 PM as he felt somehow made it more difficult for him to sleep.

He was thinking about his favorite coffee cup when he suddenly realized that he had a series of habits that some people might have found a bit strange.

The first habit he had was that in the morning first thing he would have a cup of tea.

Normally, it would be peppermint tea, and he would have his peppermint tea in a particular cup.

Later in the morning, if he was at home, he would have his second cup for the day, and this would be a cup of coffee.

And this cup of coffee was in a different cup, A cup that he had bought online some time ago that he held on to very carefully. That was just the right size for his coffee in the morning and it was easy to go back and get a top-up.

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