Pablo and the black bird

Just as Pablo turned towards the kitchen window, he saw a bird.
A little Blackbird.
The little Blackbird sitting on the windowsill had small bright yellow eyes.
The bird seemed to be looking almost curiously at Pablo for some reason.
As if he was wondering what Pablo was about to do.
Pablo stood very still. He did not want to see the bird fly away.
It was not every day that Pablo had a little black bird sitting on his kitchen windowsill, but then again.
He wondered. Had he seen this bird before?
Was this the little bird that had been sitting outside on the steps?
The same day he had sat outside last Saturday, on the steps outside his apartment on the sidewalk in the sun.
Probably not, he thought to himself. How would he know anyway?
Little blackbirds like this one, well, most of them looked the same.
Although this one was kind of a little bit different. he seemed confident somehow. As he was meant to be there and Pablo was the visitor
It was certainly looking at him a little bit differently, as if it was most curious. Perfect, Pablo thought.
Now the little bird was going to delay his pizza making and he was feeling very hungry.
The little bird’s eyes seemed to dart around the kitchen very quickly before landing on Pablo. Was he curious about me?
Pablo wondered to himself, while he must be.
Nice to have company, Pablo thought. As he remembered how difficult it was being away from people.
Especially at the time, so many people were separated from each other. He appreciated the company of this little bird. The bird looked up and chirped at him happily.
He then chirped again very loudly and flew away.

English lesson objective
Enhance your understanding of descriptive language by answering the following questions

Answer the following questions:

Have you ever observed a unique encounter with an animal or bird?

  • How do you think Pablo felt when he first noticed the blackbird?
  • Why do you think he wanted the bird to stay?
  • How did Pablo’s feelings change when he realized the bird might have been observing him before?

What have learned about the descriptive language and emotions through the story of Pablo and the little black bird?
Write a continuation of the story, imagining what happens after the blackbird flies away.
Create a piece of artwork sharing some part of the story

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