Sometimes new dreams wake up

When Pablo woke up from his dream. He suddenly realized something.

He had been writing his dreams down now for many years on a Google Doc on his phone.

Just little things that he could remember.


People. Places.

Points in time.

And he had begun to realize that there were certain themes. Almost. Storyboards.

Sometimes it was if he was traveling along in a dream and he would drop into another dream.

Sometimes you would wake up in a dream.

That was fun.

He would look out a window or move through a doorway just by thinking about it.

Sometimes he could navigate through dreams. He could move from one dream to another, but he never really remembered how he did this.

Sometimes he would wake up laughing.

Not all dreams were good, of course.

And so he was beginning to train himself to wake up in the middle of a dream that he didn’t like.

This was a skill that took some time, and he realized now over many years how he could often now do it.

Or move from a bad dream into a good one.

Sometimes he dreamt another languages. He loved dreaming in English.

And liked dreams in many languages.

At times he dreamt he was a gardener. Or he was a builder. Or he was a teacher. Or sometimes it felt like he would drop in on other people’s dreams and play a role like an actor in a play.

He might be a kitchen hand or someone looking after beautiful horses in an old stable from long ago

At other times. He would get little messages. Like not to spend too much money. He didn’t always like that dream, but. It had been helpful.

He membered it well, wrote it down and made a budget spent less saved more.

Thinking of that, Pablo got up to make his pizza, a good cheap meal he thought to himself he could add some good  healthy ingredients and it was easy to share with others and with that went straight into the kitchen to start making his pizza dough.

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