at himself

Part 2: Chapter 1

Pablo glanced up at himself in the bathroom mirror his thick black curly hair looked unusually wild today, he thought as then looked back at Sharron in the mirror.

Sharron had dried the last of the tears from her eyes leaving black dabs on her cheeks from the cheaper makeup she decided to wear today. 

Sharron had been crying a few times now on her most recent visits to help Pablo around the house since he had broken his arm Pablo thought to himself looking up at her. 

Pablo knew the course Sharron was doing hard forced her to look carefully at her life story. 

He knew this was painful.

Sharron had shared a lot about her personal life with Pablo. 

Pablo was so pleased Sharron had chosen to help him shortly after the accident.

He had met Sharron at the hospital where she volunteered.

He also knew Sharron had not had such an easy life, and she was addicted to her phone and cigarettes among other things he had begun to think.

Sharron was fighting hard to give these things up, and she had told him many funny stories, of her life while she was going through this her latest self-help course.

Sharron looked back at Pablo in the bathroom mirror, she knew he was going crazy stuck in the house and needed more activities to keep his mind active until he could go back outside.

What helpful hospital tricks could Sharron show him now, she wondered.

Aha, she thought to herself I know, I’ve got it.

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