The smell of rain. Pablo wondered what it was called. The smell of rain. It reminded him of his home country.

Pablo decided to Google it. The name of the word was Petrichor

The word Petrichor means

The earthy smell when rain falls on dry soil. He suddenly felt very sleepy. He decided to lay down and have a nap before making his pizza.

 Shortly after he lay down, there was another knock at the door.

When Pablo got to the door, there was a young man with black curly hair. Standing on the unevenly, a hoverboard hovering above the ground.

Coming for a ride? He asked.

Pablo thought he looked familiar. He couldn’t quite remember where he’d met him, but he’d seen him at some point somewhere.

I’m not sure, Pablo said. Just as the young man reached out, grabbed him by the hand and placed him precariously on the back of his hoverboard. And down the stairs they went, quickly, whizzing past people who were quietly coming upstairs.

Out into the street and along the footpath, as fast as the board could carry them, they made their way outside the doors of a large bank.

Pablo jumped off the board and walked through the doors of the bank. Where there was a large queue of people standing. He stood in line.

Above him was a very large television screen, like a movie theatre.

Above him was playing an advertisement.

He looked ahead of him in the line. In front of him there was his friend Peter. Pablo looked up to the big screen and the words suddenly appeared in 





Suddenly, Pablo woke up.


English Lesson: Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension

Objective: Identify new vocabulary words from the text above and understand the meaning of the words used in our story


“The Smell of Rain”

  1. Have you ever noticed a unique smell when it rains? 


What experiences and feelings have you had about the smell of rain?


    2. “Petrichor.” Do you know what it means?


The word Petrichor can be described as “the earthy smell when rain falls on dry soil.” 


   3. Listening to how this word relates to the story, how it might be used in other ways?


Comprehension Questions:

  1. What did Pablo wonder about when he smelled the rain?
  2. How did Pablo discover the name of the word related to the smell of rain?
  3. What does the word Petrichor mean?
  4. What did Pablo do after discovering the meaning of the word Petrichor?
  5. Who did Pablo meet outside his door?
  6. What did the young man offer Pablo?
  7. Where did Pablo and the young man go on the hoverboard?
  8. What did Pablo see when he walked into the bank?
  9. Who did the big screen in the bank mention?
  10. What happened at the end of the story?


English language vocabulary from today’s lesson

  1. Petrichor – the earthy smell when rain falls on dry soil
  2. Hoverboard – a type of skateboard that hovers above the ground
  3. Precariously – dangerously unstable or insecure
  4. Queue – a line of people waiting for something
  5. Advertisement – a public promotion of a product or service
  6. Whizzing – moving quickly through the air with a buzzing sound
  7. Comprehension – understanding or grasp of something
  8. Reminded – caused someone to remember something
  9. Familiar – known or recognized from past experience
  10. Suddenly – happening quickly and unexpectedly.

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