Any room for Mushrooms

Is there any room for mushrooms? 

That night, Pablo had a funny dream.

 He was sitting up on the magic carpet.

Flying above and through the clouds 


When he looked down, he realized the carpet was made of pizza, and he was sitting on top of a large slice of pepperoni.


Large leaves of green lettuce stuck to the pizza, blew with melted cheese. Blew up, up into the air 


Giant wheels of fried onions and huge cloves of purple garlic bubbled away among the whole black peppercorns glistening in the sunlight.


He was driving the pizza high up through the sky.

His steering wheel was made of a giant mushroom with soft rubbery edges.

He held on tight, turned the slice gently to the left, then lifted the mushroom as the whole portion glided up effortlessly. Towards the rising sun 


He turned to the left, where cows and pigs flew by waving brightly Texan scarfs in Blue, White, and Red. 


Pablo began to laugh. He was still laughing when he woke up and suddenly remembered he had no mushrooms. 


How could he fly the pizza if he had no mushrooms? 



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