Serendipity. Read the words while listening to the story of Pablo to improve your reading and listening in English  

Pablo hoped Mary was ok? 

when he got off the call

He knew her family was very strict and did not want her to get the sickness.

Many people had been sick this winter with a new kind of flu 

A kind of winter cold that gave people the chills. 

Just then, something serendipitous happened 

Serendipity was a new word Pablo had learned 

meaning – a good surprise. 


Pablo had just got another text from his friend about the party.

The text said they were having an outdoor event 

 A bit cold for that, Pablo thought 

Pablo was excited now 

He wanted to go out and taste the world 

After all this time inside 

Unable to meet his friends 

“Outside ?” Pablo texted back. 


An outdoor/indoor patio/ verandah/balcony party, his friend texted back with a little smile. 

A kind of Texan grill 

Umm thought Pablo sounds tasty.


And then he suddenly remembered the Pizza he made recently. 


The smell was not quite what he wanted it to be.

Was he missing something in the Pizza he made for Maria? 


His oven had just broken down, and so how was he going to make another one?  


In the microwave, he thought.  


But how could he make it crispy and yummy tasting with something a little healthy on it? 


He knew Maria would like another one they did not have much money also he thought. 


Perhaps he could make it a Texan flavour.


Serendipitous, he wondered, was not quite sure how to use this new word yet.   


But another friend had told him serendipity meant 


Something wonderful. 

Meant to be. 

Feeling it.  

Knowing it. 

At precisely the correct exact time or moment.


And the Collins dictionary said it was 

The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.

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