24: The CoBrew Coworking Space

The CoBrew Coworking Space

Join Ben Pattison and Dee Wild at the CoBrew coworking space at the first Makers Market in this unique space. This is part two of a two part podcast after part one the beer-making-podcast with Murray Robinson.

Above one of Melbourne’s favourite craft breweries, 3 Ravens, lies a jewel that has recently been transformed into the first ever brewery and bar, coworking spacecraft.
CoBrew is a space that’s goal is to redefine the way we work; A local community hub that embraces diversity, forward thinking and collaboration. A place where people from all creative disciplines have the tools, facility and minds to nurture and brew concepts and ideas to develop their own craft. A place to work differently.
3 Ravens is a craft brewery in Thornbury, that’s been knocking out quality craft beer since 2003.  One of the pioneers of the Australian craft beer revolution some like to say. Cobrew is a concept that encompasses their brewing philosophy as a whole. They consider the word brew to be more of a metaphor for creation rather than just the process of making beer. It is this that has driven us to want to build this unique local co-working community. 
CoBrew Coworking Spacecraft
1 Theobald Street, Thornbury VIC 3071 // (03) 9495 1026
Any enquiries, please email Dee at Cobrew Contact 
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