23 : Beer Making podcast with Murray

Beer Making podcast with Murray

Join us with Murray Robinson on this Beer making podcast and take a tour of the 3 Ravens Brewery in part 1 of this podcast. 

In part 2 Ben Pattison then shares some of his founding original vision for 3 Ravens and Dee Wild takes us on a tour of their newly opened coworking space in this unique and ever intriguing tour.

 3 Ravens Brewery is one of the pioneers of the Australian craft beer revolution. Engineered by hand, 3 Ravens beers are the product of a craft brewing process in which traditional methods meet exacting standards. They emphasise quality over quantity and use only the finest natural ingredients. In 2014, 3 Ravens was voted Champion Small Australian Brewery at the Australian International Beer Awards and have won a swag of other awards since. You can find 3 Ravens beers on tap and in bottles across leading craft beer venues and bottle shops around Australia whilst you’re also likely to find their beers on beverage lists of many of Melbourne’s top restaurants. Anyone eager to sample their beers at their freshest can head to 3 Ravens’ Thornbury HQ any given Friday, when their brewer bar is open from 4pm.

3 Ravens Facebook // 3 Ravens Twitter // 3 Ravens Instagram


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