Pozible Crowdfunding Explained

Breakdown of Pozible Crowdfunding

In this latest Crowdfunding Podcast

Join Elliot Chapple from the Crowdfunding Platform Pozible.

Elliot explains how working closely with creators that he coaches, deliver results in all stages of their campaigns.

With a background in the creative industries, Elliot successfully launched Australia’s most substantial Action Sports Film Festival which started as a Skateboard Film Festival back in 2012.

His time at Pozible has seen the project success rate rise from 58% to 65%.

As a Customer Happiness ninja and campaign advisor for one of the worlds most prominent crowdfunding platform, Pozible based in Australia his mission is to increase the overall success rate of all campaigns.

Find out more from the Crowdfunding platform Pozible and learn how to increase the overall success rate of your campaign

  • Reach your funding goal
  • Raise funds fast
  • Measure your crowdfunding campaign


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Everything about Pozible Crowdfunding

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