26 : Crowdfunding Startups 101

Crowdfunding startups with Ambassador Anthony’s words that sell from Silicon Beach

From equity raising funds for property to startups to crowdfunding from GoFundMe, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, RocketHub, Razoo,

Pozzible and Crowdrise getting your crowd onboard early with leading landing pages is now a key part of crowdsourceing.

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Fundraising with landing pages for equity, crowdfunding and  startups

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Examples of Anthony’s words that sell include

The focus on this page Equity crowdfunding USA  is on people taking action when it comes to their equity crowdfunding projects. The seconds counting down on the timer is a proven way to get people to act instantly.

Here’s an example template Anthony did with LeadPages on Conversion copy words that sell to demonstrate an email opt-in page. This template uses a high-quality background photo and includes a countdown timer, bullet points and easy opt-in call-to-action.

Additional works include Crowdfunding examples for crowdfunding startups

And an Crowdfunding App Competition

Anthony has many talents. He is a DJ, music producer, TV show host, songwriter and live MC act. He has performed the world over for concerts and multinational corporations as well as working with the best acts in modern entertainment.

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Get more from your web pages and email copy crowdfunding startups.

  • Words for your landing pages and email to increase conversions, signups and sales.
  • MailChimp automation & content copy for building and developing your email lists.
  • LeadPages copy built for conversions and SEO.
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