27: Equity crowdfunding law 101

Equity crowdfunding law 101

We sat down with Oscar Jofre, President and CEO of KoreConX, to discuss the future of equity crowdfunding law and shareholder management for private companies. 

He’s a Top 100 Global Thought Leader on Equity Crowdfunding, and a passionate advocate of finance disruption. 

The discussion begins at ground level – with the how, what, when, why and where of crowdfunding, and proceeds to look at the industry from 10,000 feet up, focusing on why it’s disruptive, and what the potential economic and financial impacts of this innovation are. 

Gone are the old days of arms-length relationships with shareholders, and equity crowdfunding is a direct result of this. You have to be transparent with the crowd, and if you do it right, they’re your best customers and biggest advocates.

Oscar is a featured as a passionate speaker on equity crowdfunding, compliance, governance, and transparency across the USA, Australia, UK, Canada, Peru, Singapore, Indonesia and China.

In a recent media release KoreConX was outlined as a Secure Platform that Prepares Users for Due Diligence and Simplifies Shareholder Communications to Reduce Risk

The release also states portals are responsible for conducting due diligence on each company that wants to list on their portal. Doing this to the highest standards is where they get the edge and the reputation they need to succeed. This is a major undertaking, and time consuming when companies come unprepared and in large numbers. Portals serve the company and the investor, and protect the best interests of both with good due diligence. The investor will remain with the portal long after the company has raised its money, therefore the portal operators want to make sure their investors are being well taken care of by the companies they have just helped in raising their capital. We help save equity crowdfunding portals time, increase deal flow, and make regulatory compliance easy.

Cullen Pope is a crowdfunding campaign consultant. His dream is to support entrepreneurs of all kinds to achieve their goals, as ordinary people living extraordinary lives have the potential to be game changers.

Cullen believes that life is an adventure and that the best is yet to come. Before founding EATT Magazine and Radio, Cullen worked in a broad range of roles including marketing, hospitality, landscape and design.

Check out his latest crowdfunding project with memory coach Bill Aronson pozible.com/project

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