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Bill Aronson boarded his flight with a book in one hand and one in his mind.
Underpinning the new book what a simple question

What would happen if you could double your memory?

Our flight is the very beginning of a story about a book that changed my flight and eventually my life.

In this story, we meet Bill very early on in his quest to increase his memory and then to go on and help thousands and thousands of other people to do just that.

Bill is a down to earth thought leader based in London and previously Tasmania. He has worked as an entrepreneur, business consultant, coach, teacher, author and mentor in the UK, India, New Zealand, US and Australia. He has served on the boards of the International Coach Federation of Australasia and the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce & Industry. He is a member of Mensa and the Rotary Club of London

His work has been featured in Voyeur, The Mercury, The C method podcast and EATT magazine to name a few.
As a direct result of his memory coaching Bill was appointed CEO of an international artificial intelligence company. (I think they thought I was smart, he says).

A powerful memory boosts confidence, clarity and creativity
Discover free personalised memory coaching to double your memory

billaronson.com The book that changed my flight

Bill Aronson

Bill believes in the power of giving away your best stuff for free and now has three courses available on Udemy




A powerful memory boosts confidence, clarity and creativity. Discover free personalised memory coaching to double your memory.

The following testimonials indicate what he is like to work with.

Bill’s ‘Master Your Memory’ course is so enlightening with instant practical gains to be enjoyed. Darryl Peebles

Today I stood in front of a meeting and recited pi to 100 digits using the techniques Bill taught me. I recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their memory using simple techniques. Mike Calder
Bill has an engaging style and demonstrated expertise that helps those people he is mentoring quickly learn new skills. David Catchpole
I really enjoyed how the individual methods were explained and now look forward to future practice to make further progress. I shall be recommending your services to others in time. Damien Taplin

More details of Bill’s work can be found here

Bill’s book is out now



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The book that changed my flight

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