Search Engine optimization podcast 6 with Rajiv and Cullen

;Join Cullen and Rajiv in the Silicon Beach Radio Podcast wherein part 5 we learned a bit more about keywords and about search intent.

Download Part 5 of the SEO podcast

Earlier in part 5 we also touched on learning a bit more about keywords and about search intent.

How Google uses keyword to find your content

How you can create, optimize keyword strategy to get more relevant and targeted traffic to your website.

In part 5 Cullen asks Rajiv about the of three pillars of SEO Rajiv uses

Rajiv explains firstly there is the technical seo,

The second is content and third authority building backlinks.

Technical Seo comprises of Information architecture Meta Tags

The second pillar is content where Rajiv touches on how content is king

And then on the third most important and toughest part of Seo is getting backlinks and authority to your website.

Rajiv is an SEO consultant with 17 years of experience in multi-channel digital strategies. He has provided SEO expertise to some of the most prominent Websites in Australia, like the Carsales Network, EDG/Woolworths Group, Wall Art Prints, IBISWorld etc. His expertise lies in technical SEO for enterprise level website, including Information Architecture, keyword alignment, content optimizations and backlink audits.

Website –

Cullen Pope is the host of Silicon Beach Rado, The EATT Magazine travel podcast and one of the advisors within Wake up on Earth. Key community partners include:

Silicon Beach Radio. a recent popular vote winner in the first Australian podcast awards in Industry Focus.#AustraliaListens for more details


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