Pablo had been listening to the weather report.

A winter storm was coming. English, Lesson 77 Part 1 Chapter 2

Pablo had been listening to the radio app on his phone and for the weather update before his shower.

As he grabbed his towel, he heard the announcement a major winter storm was making its way across the northeastern part of the country.

The severe storm had threatened to knock out power to thousands of people.

Accidents were now expected up and down the east coast.

The local newsreader said many areas could have as much as three to five feet or more than well over a meter of snow on the ground.

This would be an excellent week to organize his photos on his phone, old iPad, as well as his computer, Pablo thought.

Thinking about the weather, Pablo knew it would be a challenge for many people inside the apartments.

He wondered how Maria was faring a young woman on the third floor with three children who did not appear to have anyone else often to help her.

Pablo knew she was sometimes struggling as he had seen Sylvia delivering small parcels of food and soup to her door several times.

Pablo had also collected a food parcel for Maria once when she had to take one of the children to the doctor.

The trip[involved taking all of them as she did not have anyone to help her with the little ones.

I know Pablo thought I could make a pizza take a slice for himself, and give them give one to Maria, telling her he had made two pizzas.

Pablo loved making pizzas and had a cheap frozen pizza in the freezer with cheese and Pepperoni on it.

He knew Maria did not eat meat, but the little ones did as he had seen Maria giving the children hot dogs.

So he decided to make the pizza with one-half Pepperoni only.

He would make them well before dinner time.

Then send Maria a text saying he would drop off an extra pizza he had made.

With that Pablo, excitedly pulled that frozen pizza out of the freezer.

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