Meet part one of the core team at Silicon Beach

Join Cullen Pope host of the Silicon Beach Radio program and podcast Silicon Beach Radio

John Webster.

John has broad software release, operations, governance and audit experience in the fin-tech space having worked for one of the largest Superannuation funds in the country and the worlds largest payroll services organization as Director of Operations for Australia.

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John Webster is an active member of the Melbourne Startup community

Dan O’Grady Ever since I can remember, I have had a passion for creativity and connection. Creativity in language, ideas, the arts, music, cooking, problem solving, organizational behavior.

The connection between disparate elements to find harmony and unique solutions.

Simpateco is my current passion project. Our mission is to help founders, creatives, and digital natives to develop the soft skills necessary to develop connections.

Contributing my skills to Silicon Beach has been a great way to connect with current and future founders. 

Linda O’Grady My background in acting, corporate training, sales, and marketing has given me a passion to help others overcome communication barriers. In today’s digital world, the most valuable skill of all is connecting with others, to understand and be understood. It has been great to team up with Silicon Beach as a host and MC for the pitch events and collaborating on marketing strategies.

Bryan Smith Originally from Texas, I moved to Melbourne about 17 years ago.

Bringing with me, experience, and interests in a wide range of topics such as politics, music, computers/electronics, faith, and general trivia.

And although I’ve been working in IT for the last 20ish years to pay the bills, I’ve had quite a few side gigs to nurture these other interests. I’ve run community organizations both large and small, started a podcast with a friend, managed artists/bands as well as provide mirth and merriment to those around me.

Athula Bogoda – Lead Organiser, Melbourne Silicon Beach Athula joined Melbourne Silicon Beach (MSB) in late 2012 to find his tribe. He was planning to launch a startup – Mettha. But he listened to too many professionals – psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors and even tech people, marketers, and investors who said it would never work. So he abandoned the idea and began leading MSB with Cullen’s help in early 2014 when it was a small community of around 1,500 members. In 2015 he helped Cullen start Silicon Beach Radio.

Alex Malman Hey there, I’m Alex, member of Silicon Beach OZ

I currently work in property management and work closely with an architecture firm. My background is in construction, community services, and small business. I believe everyone brings knowledge, talent, and dreams with them everywhere they go.

Yet by and large, we fail to listen and explore the opportunities. It has been great to become immersed in the start-up community in Melbourne and have the chance to meet passionate entrepreneurs and founders.

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