Join @LoveThyWalrus photographer Paul Fleming who is a freelance digital and social media influencer within the travel and tourism industry.

Based in Hobart, Tasmania, Paul combines his academic know-how from his UTas honours degree in Tourism with a flair for captivating travel and visual storytelling photography.

@LoveThyWalrus EATT Magazine

Paul Fleming

Sharing places, stories and experiences via his social media channels, notably as @lovethywalrus on Instagram, Paul travels Australia and internationally working with tourism destinations and operators to showcase their unique products to his global audience.

@LoveThyWalrus EATT Magazine

Mount Wellington sunrise, TAS

His primary passion is Tasmania and is well-regarded for his knowledge of the island and how to present the island to a global audience.

@LoveThyWalrus EATT Magazine

Sunset at the ‘Edge of the World’ – Arthur River, Tasmania

Images from by Paul Fleming

In 2016 Paul published his first book to showcase his island home of Tasmania, in his own unique style.

 ‘PAUSE: A Collection of Tasmanian Moments’ is a compilation of Paul’s beautiful photos from around Tasmania, complemented by ‘moments’ of prose inspired by the images – which Paul wrote especially for PAUSE.

 Through the 32 soul-fuelling pieces of creative original prose, Paul draws the reader in deeper to some of Tasmania’s incredible places; welcoming them into the stories and locations, beyond just being a viewer.

 Bob Brown, retired Senator and leader of the Australian Greens party, contributed the foreword for PAUSE. Brown noted that “Paul conveys both the inextricable bond we have with our planet and our insignificance in Earth’s grandeur”, and called Paul “a fine new talent”.

 The Australian Arts Review said of PAUSE: “Fleming has successfully created a journal of thoughts that captures raw emotion represented through the Tasmanian landscape, and serves well as a lesson to how to re-invigorate landscape photography”.

 PAUSE is 80 pages of full-colour Tasmanian photography, with original prose, in hard back, and is available from

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