Join us in part one of our tour of the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Join us in part one of our tour of the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, with Paul Horticulturist and Coordinator of Volunteers.

We begin our tour standing on the original footprint of the 1816 Botanic gardens.

Where in 1816 Governor Macquarie and his wife carved out a small section of what was known as the Governor’s domain to start this botanic garden. 

 One of the ornate entrances, to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney

Among the chorus of sulphur-crested cockatoo (Cacatua galerita) is a relatively large white cockatoo found in wooded habitats in Australia, Paul continues, our walk down the garden path below the parrots while looking out for a Rainbow Lorikeet.

Rainbow Lorikeets are Australia’s fruity coloured birds. Brightly coloured blue, orange, yellow and green.

Our second stop is look back in time. And in this garden, what we’re trying to do is really tell that early historical story through plants.

So, we’re surrounded by grass trees, these remarkable Australian plants with long linear leaves and tall flower spikes covered in small creamy white flowers.A significant plant to the Gadigal people.

One of the many birds having breakfast, during our tour

‘Gal’ means people, so the Gadigal literally means the people of Cadi. 

The name Cadi comes from the grass tree species Xanthorrhoea, a native plant that local Aboriginal communities would make sections of spear shaft from the stems and glue together with the resin.

Across the path, we can also see some bananas, coffee, and there’s tea. And they were the plants brought out by the first fleet. 

The kind of plants brought out by the first fleet were planted on this site around July 1788.

during our tour with Paul on the podcast.

But where we’re standing now, we’re surrounded by the types of plants that grew here before European settlement.these are species of plants that we know grew here,  thanks to our ecological department that map the traditional Flora of Australia.

Learn more about the Royal Botanic Gardens In Sydney and stay tuned for our next episode.

Our tour guide is Paul Nicholson a Senior Horticulturist 

Upcoming events: 

The 2020 Garden Design Series, brought to you by Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens will be at the Tattersalls Club Hyde Park in Sydney’s CBD.

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