22: Fundraising with Benjamin Whitaker the Managing Director of the social opportunity group

Social Opportunity Group’s mission is to create sustainable social change through collaborating with the most vulnerable communities throughout Argentina. Their first project, ‘Food for Thought’, provides nutritious food and creative educational activity for children who have limited opportunities in their lives. Social Opportunity Group partly funds Food for Thought through their social enterprise espresso bar ‘The Final Step’ which is located in South Yarra, Melbourne, Australia. They also partake in various fundraising activities to make up the rest of the money necessary to fund their grassroots project.

In 2013 Ben Whitaker, Social Opportunity Group’s founder, turned his espresso bar into a social enterprise that now donates 100% of it’s profits. In the same year he moved to Argentina to join forces with his good friend Valeria to facilitate Food for Thought. He returns to Australia and New Zealand once a year to action fundraising events.
Parts of Argentina are like a rich European country, other parts are very much third world. Health and Education are two areas that are in desperate need of improvement. This is why Social Opportunity Group is aiming at children and focusing on Food and Creative Activity within the Monte Chingolo community in the provinces of Greater Buenos Aires. They want to support children in making sensible decisions for themselves and those around them, today and for the rest of their lives.
More details can be found at socialopportunitygroup.com
Jason Williams
With over fifteen years experience in the corporate and finance world (read Accountant), Jason left it all behind five years ago to start a Social Work degree and focus on his entrepreneurial pursuits. For the past five years Jason has built on a base of investment, consulting and social interests to create dM Group. The group is now involved with a number of projects across both business and industry including as an external consultant, to key decision maker, holding vested interest as shareholder and director. Working with entrepreneurs and start-ups to small business and corporate; industries have included services based businesses, finance, agriculture and manufacturing; both for profit and not-for-profit. www.delmundo.com.au

With social enterprise a key part of the Group, Jason will be launching dM Community in 2016; an opportunity to take ideas of a better world to making a better world; to take social enterprise to social change; for community groups to make a difference in their community.

About  Club Bid

If your looking to raise extra funds for your local sporting club or charity, send the Club Bid team an email at clubbid contact and they can help make it happen.

more details are at www.clubbid.com.au

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