33 : Digital dementia Part 1 with Bill Aronson

Digital dementia Part 1 with Bill Aronson

Join us on our Digital dementia podcast with Bill Aronson. Do you have difficulty recalling names, numbers, or where you put your keys?

Does the thought of giving a speech without notes terrify you? Chances are you are suffering from digital dementia, the inability of perfectly normal healthy people to memorise and recall.

Check out the new campaign to fight digital dementia.


My name is Bill Aronson. I am a memory coach. My team want to show you how you can reverse digital dementia and age-related forgetfulness.  To date, I have trained more than seventy Tasmanians and the results are remarkable. As Jim Kwik, one of my memory coaches says, “There is no such thing as a poor memory only an untrained one.” Once you know the techniques, whatever your age, your memory starts to improve.
Come on this journey and transform your ability to remember. As your memory improves, so does your self-confidence and your ability to imagine your future.

In 2015, I became interested in improving my memory. I noticed that it was not as sharp as it used to be. I had particular trouble recalling names.

Then I realised that this was a common problem. We are all prone to digital dementia, the inability of perfectly healthy people to remember names, numbers, lists, street directions, pin numbers, passwords and all the other vital details of our lives. There is an unintended and significant cost of moving our memory into the Cloud and that is our memory is declining.  Memory is not something that you have; it is something that you do.
As we age, our memory declines. We assume that is normal and inevitable. It is not.  I work helping others to double their memory. I am amazed at the capacity of the brain to adapt and change. Tell it that it is in decline and it declines. Tell your mind that this is not helpful and it improves. Neuroplasticity is a beautiful gift. My memory is far better than it was years ago only because of tips I will share with you.

I have also appeared on ABC radio where I recited the first 50 decimal places of Pi.
My website at www.billaronson.com.au is devoted to all things to do with improving memory.I have written a short ebook  – The Lost Art of How to Find Things – which is now ready for publication.


The major challenge is our negative belief that it is natural to have a poor memory. That is why I want to train several hundred people. The more the merrier but at this time, my next target is 200 people in Hobart and 200 online. That will start to build up a critical mass. Then we can start introducing this work in schools, aged care facilities and workplaces.

We are now in discussions to provide memory training to small business owners and their teams with federal funding paying the cost.

Let’s end digitally induced dementia and strength our ability to visualise the future.

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