Customer Happiness Ninja Elliot revisits us to cover some more fundamental elements of what makes a successful crowdfunding campaign from

Elliot works closely with a range of projects, coaching creators on what makes a campaign compelling and the best practices for getting the campaign out there.

FAQ from include

What is a pledge ?
A pledge is your proof to pay if the campaign hits it targets.

When you pledge you leave your payment information with us. If the project reaches it’s target, we take out your pledge amount and forward it to the campaigner.

If the target is never reached, we delete the pledge information and the campaigner isn’t obliged to fulfil the campaign outcomes or deliver the rewards.

How does it all work?

Project creators set up a campaign page where they list vital information on their project, the funding amount they need to realise this, the timeframe for the campaign and things they can offer to people in exchange for financial support (also known as ‘rewards’).

If the project doesn’t reach the target amount within the time limit, no money changes hands and the supporters are never charged for their pledge.

If the project hits it’s funding target the supporters money is collected and the creator fulfils the project outcomes and delivers the ‘rewards’ to the supporters.

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