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Your host’s journey contines as he explores the local whisky meeting local makers, keen to explain the passion and distinctiveness behind each bottle. Cullen has many questions, and is very curious about how the unique climate and pristine waterways turn grain into liquid gold. Come with him as he tastes, talks and listens his way around some rather special distilleries, which are putting these islands firmly on the world whisky map. Savouring the bracing fresh air and lingering with a glass or two.

74: Gibbston Valley’s great wines handcrafted by a caveman

Gibbston valley great wines

Join Cullen with Christopher Keys the Winemaker from Gibbston Valley making great wines from inside his cave making wine slowly with one taste at a time.   View images from your iTunes device for this podcast here    Click Here to Subscribe Arriving at the Gibbston Valley winery looking for more great wines, just…

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73 : New Zealand wineries lead in new wine time trends

New Zealand wineries

In part two of our travel podcast, we continue our conversation with Maryann at The Winery discovering how New Zealand wineries are leading in new wine time trends.   Click Here to Subscribe Looking at a map of Queenstown in New Zealand The Winery is situated right in the centre of town, and leading in…

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72 : The Winery is just the thing to do in Queenstown, New Zealand

he Winery Queenstown in New Zealand

Start your journey in Queenstown, New Zealand at the single place you can taste over 80 of New Zealand’s best wines at The Winery.   Click Here to Subscribe The Winery is situated in Beach St. Queenstown, New Zealand The Winery has the largest tasting of New Zealand wines in the world, and so it…

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71 : Discover Queenstown’s ultimate beer paddle at high altitude

New Zealand Images for Fireflies

Discover Queenstown’s Altitude Brewing. Altitude Brewing was born in 2013, high in New Zealand’s striking Southern Alps. Click Here to Subscribe Conceived over many years by a love of crafting fine ales, the brewery finally came to life under the auspices of Queenstown-bred local, Eliott Menzies who had a desire to share his passions with the…

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70 : Tarantulas have arrived for the Sydney exhibit of Spiders Alive and Deadly at the Australian Museum

Sydney exhibit spider

Welcome to the EATT Magazine podcast winner of the 2017 Cast Away Australian Podcast Awards most popular vote category in Lifestyle, Health and Wellness. Itunes link to the images in this podcast The Sydney exhibit of Spiders Alive and Deadly at the Australian Museum are a hot ticket this holidays as the Sydney exhibit ends…

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