Meet Bill Aronson Jet Staring in our flight seat just before his appointment with an excellent company working in artificial intelligence in part two of this interview on our flight with JetStar.

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In part two of this story after we meet Bill very early on in his quest to increase his memory and then to go on and help thousands and thousands of other people to do just that.

As a direct result of his memory coaching Bill was appointed CEO of an international artificial intelligence company.


Discover free personalised memory coaching to double your memory The book that changed my flight

Bill Aronson

Bill believes in the power of giving away your best stuff for free and now has three courses available on Udemy and has moved into artificial intelligence.

A powerful memory boosts confidence, clarity and creativity. Discover free personalised memory coaching to double your memory.

The following testimonials indicate what he is like to work with.

More details of Bill’s work can be found here

Bill’s book is out now

Bill is a motivational leader, full of energy and integrity. Supports and encourages his team and the individuals within it. Innovative, creative and practical, he delivers quality outputs to achieve the best results for his organization and his team .  Has vision, communicates well and has a strong sense of purpose as well as an ethical approach to anything he does.
Annie Geard Business Analyst, Education Department

Bill is committed to genuine long-term business relationships and possesses the insight and tenacity to actually make a difference. He is an excellent sounding board and is one of the few who will tell you what you don’t want to hear along with all the things you do. Bill is also a passionate advocate for Tasmania and all its untapped potential and does whatever he can to take people along on the journey!
Julie Henderson Manager, Cascades Female Factory Historic Site, Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority

Bill, first and foremost I would say  is a man of vision and courage. He is open to consider new ways of thinking and the position of others, is entrepreneurial and proactive thus puts legs on his ideas – what a great mix!
Debbie Fabian Project Manager / Educational Designer, University of Tasmania

I think Bill is passionate about small business and wants to develop and improve the Tasmanian small business environment.
Stefan Toepfer Founder, Group CEO & Chairman, Winweb

Bill is a measured and intelligent thinker who generates ideas and energy with those he works with.
Andrew McGowan, IPM Safety

Bill is passionate about getting people to realise their potential and is an expert in what he does
Sue Reeves Personal Assistant/Coach/Sales/Marketing, AltusQ New Zealand Limited

Clearly, a business coach needs to know business and be an effective communicator. Cue Bill Aronson. One of the many gifts Bill has is the ability to see the big picture of a business or government enterprise and at the same time be able to focus on the small things, about business systems, about how people interact, that make an enterprise work, or not. He has amazing patience, with people, organisations and technology,  and a quiet determination to ensure that a process is understood and goals are accomplished.
Des Walsh Business Coach, Des Walsh dot Com

What an exceptional person Bill is! His knowledge of business, people, communication and community will ensure his input into your situation will create value. A very approachable and likable person passionate about giving you tools and a mindset that will propel your success! I would strongly recommend meeting with Bill to hear his vision and where he can add value for you!
Alison Rogers Business Development Manager, Pulse Advertising

Working beside Bill is a real pleasure. He has a “real” ability to share his experience and intellectual view on matters in an open and sharing manner. He creates space and ideas to support individual learning and personal growth. I look forward to my opportunities to work beside Bill as they are exciting and stimulating. You too could be challenged and grow – just call Bill!!
Carolyn Bryant Coach, Think Feel Know

I have been extremely fortunate to work closely with Bill  during the past 15 months.  His wealth of knowledge and experience has driven the projects we have shared. I would best describe Bill has an initiator.  He has the ability to asses and identify the core components of each project.  He understands the relevance and relationship between bench-marking and performance.  He is adeptly able to see the link between the potential of a business and the individuals who work there.   His clients value his humanistic and  proactive approach to their businesses and themselves. He truly understands how important relationships are in every a aspect of life.
Suki Laniado Smith Business & Executive Coach, Shirlaws

I have worked with Bill on many occasions whilst contracting to organisations where iOctane has provided support and consultation.Bill’s enthusiasm for process always comes through in his presentations and when talking with his clients.Bill is able to articulate the big picture for an organisation within the context of the organisation’s current level of process maturity and provide clarity on the steps needed for the organisation to move up the maturity model.Bill is certainly one of the genuine Thought Leaders in process and organisational change with the innovation of Enterprise Designer, and in his ability to demonstrate, promote and share the concepts in an actionable and distilled way.His book “Enterprise Designer – Building a Conscious Organisation” has certainly challenged the way I thought about process and is surely a ‘must read’ for all process professionals.
Keith Layton Business Process Analyst (Contractor), Inland Revenue

Although he has ‘written the book’ on Metastorm ProVision, his expertise is far broader. The software is not the main factor, it is the practice, as he shows us in “Enterprise Designer – building a conscious organisation”.Bill has developed a whole methodology for modelling an organisation’s processes in a robust and effective manner. While we at Process Mapping concentrate on the automation side, we often notice that the concept of modelling an entire organisation is seen to be confusing and unproductive by our customers. The methodology that Bill has developed, and his books and training courses, show a clear and effective path through that confusion and into productivity.
Jerome Pearce Member, Enterprise Designer Institute

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Thankyou for joining us on podcast number 68 : The book that changed my flight
the beginning of this journey started here at number 37 :  and I would be grateful if you decide to join us so I will slow down in time for you to catch up with us now before we get to number 75.

My app is still working around deep learning and will demonstrate a very simple example of how such deep learning can be used with in such away our readers and those students we have get to experience a small sample and benefit of this potentially benevolent technology.


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The book that changed my flight

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